2017 was full of surprises

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Sharon can be reached by text or calling her mobile @ 615-364-2337, thru her office at Benchmark Realty LLC @ 615-432-2919 website @ www.TeamKipp.com or submitting a comment below.



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Happy New Year 2017


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Happy New Year 2016

2015 Holiday Letter2015 Holiday Letter2

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Happy New Year 2015

It seems like we just sent our last annual Holiday letter, but alas it’s that time again (tempus fugit).  Hopefully you and yours had a great year like us.

2014 was busy for us.  The Nashville Real Estate market remained hot all year.  As it turned out, it has been a great time to integrate Jon & Christy into our team.  We also bought another house in Donelson to rehabilitate and rent.

We didn’t travel at our normal pace this year.  We went to FL for a 3 day getaway in February.  We attended 2 weddings.  One in Dallas, one in Memphis, where we got a chance to visit vintage friends, watch the formation of the next generation,  and relax a little.  We stayed a few extra days in Dallas to look around.  We both both wanted to see Dealy Plaza (site of JFK assassination). It was a little eerie sitting there on the “grassy knoll” where Zapruder was standing as he filmed the tragedy.

We did take a couple of weeks in the fall to visit the Pacific Northwest coast, Mt. Rainier National Park and the Willamette Valley.  Both Oregon and Washington State are beautiful and pristine.  We hiked quite a bit, which was the swan song for my left knee.

We had no major health issues this year.  Our parents are fine.  Sharon opted out of a foot surgery and I opted in to a knee replacement (1/6/15). Christy is still in remission and I was permanently released by my oncologist.  I’ve been lucky….it feels good to be on the big end of the stick.

Our daughter, Megan, went to Sri Lanka for May & June to further her study of Yoga.  In the fall she opened a studio and moved her residence to the Vanderbilt/West End area of downtown Nashville.   She also taught an international yoga workshop in Nicaragua that Sharon attended for a week.

Everything is good with Jon and his family.  Jon ran a half marathon.  Christy serves on several Boards, including the PTO at the twins’ school.  Jonathon & Sharon did the Color Run together. The twins started kindergarten; Jonathon started High School!  He can get his “learners permit” to drive in August, 2015.  WOW!

Sharon has remained active in the community serving on several boards and becoming more active with her involvement with GreenwaysforNashville.  She appeared on the front page of the Real Estate Section of the Nashville Tennessean for her expertise in local vacation rental homes, and led her team in their 7th annual breast cancer walk.

Now, it’s your turn.  Give us a call or email and let us know how you’re doing.  Until, then.. We wish you and yours a Prosperous and Happy New Year!


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Good Tidings & Holiday Greetings

 December 2013

As 2013 comes to a close, Sharon and I would like to share with you our highlights and sorrows of the past year.

The first half of the year was nothing special.  We visited our daughter, Megan, in Philadelphia and vacationed in Florida a little.  The twins (age 5 now) played soccer and Jonathon played basketball in a league.  The Real Estate market was healthy, and all of us teamkippers (David, Sharon, Christy & Jon) stayed busy.

Concurrently, several close friends OUR AGE or younger experienced serious health problems such as stroke, heart attack, cancer (been there) and organ failure.  Frankly, it was as if a dark cloud hung over most of the year. We attended a record number of funerals.  Sharon lost a favorite Aunt.  Fortunately, Sharon and I both feel good and are living sustainable lifestyles.  She lost 20 lbs this year without dieting.  I lost 10.  Jon has reached his “desert storm” weight.  Megan’s whole focus is fitness and health.

The second half of the year was more exciting.  We spent time with the grandchildren at the pool and on the boat. Jonathon became a teenager. The twins started pre-kindergarten.  Sharon and I celebrated our 30th Wedding Anniversary with a new adventure.  We took a cruise on the North and Baltic Seas from London to St. Petersburg, Russia, stoping briefly in 10 countries on the way.  We stayed several days in St. Petersburg, which was probably the highlight of the trip, but we both found Riga, the capital of Latvia, very cool also.  The whole city center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, preserved for its Art Nouveau Architecture.

In the fall, Megan moved back to Nashville.  We rehabbed a house in Donelson where she could live and have a Yoga / Massage Studio (www.Yogassageme.com) .   This was a real “deja vu”, having also done this when she returned from Spain in 2009.  It kept us extra busy for several months, but now we’re done and feel like we really accomplished something.

Some friends joined us in October for our annual mountain/cabin adventure.  We always look forward to this autumn get away to relax, enjoy nature and friends.

Sharon took on more community service this year, adding The Neighborhood & Community Engagement Committee, as founding Chairperson, and was appointed to the newly formed Retrofitting Suburbia Task Force (a joint effort between GNAR, Metro Planning Commission, University of TN & GA Institute of Technology).

As always, we remain thankful for your friendship and continued support.  For next year, we wish all of you good health, prosperity, and plenty of leisure time to enjoy life.  Please keep in touch.

David@TeamKipp.com ~ 615.400.0661 cell

Sharon@TeamKipp.com ~ 615.364.2337 cell 

www.TeamKipp.com ~ A Family Tradition in Real Estate

RE/MAX Elite ~ 615.661.4400 office

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Happy New Year 2013 From Team Kipp!

Let me first mention that soon there will be four Team Kipper’s! During 2012 our daughter-in-law, Christy, returned to the team and our son, Jon (and Christy’s husband) will join us full time this month.

2012 will get high marks in all major categories. Health, Career and Leisure….

I hit a milestone, having survived ten years since the stem cell transplant. Christy celebrated one year cancer free, an outcome hard to envision at the time of her initial diagnosis. She has also been given a second chance. We said good-bye to a few relatives and friends in 2012… As we get older, we seem to experience more of those good-byes.

My Mom celebrated her 90th birthday. Sharon and I hosted her party at our home. She “Skyped” with her twin sister in MIchigan from the party. She may not remember much of it, but we will.

In April we went to Peru. Machu Picchu was the target destination, a place Sharon had wanted to visit for forty years. We visited Cusco, Lima, the Sacred Valley and Lake Titicaca as well. It was quite a surprise. Peru is very diverse. The largest minority group there are the Chinese who came there to work in the mines. Restaurants called “Chifas” serve dishes that fuse native Peruvian and Chinese cuisine. Women wear bolder hats like those worn by Charlie Chaplin. Men do the knitting. At Puno, on the shore of Lake Titicaca, we had wild, vivid dreams at night from lack of oxygen (altitude 12,400 ft.). We love adventure.

In the summer we went to Florida for a few days to explore a part of the panhandle we had never visited. In the fall, now a tradition, we returned to the Cumberland mountains. Some of our extended family and friends joined us for our mountain weekend. We have posted a few photo highlights from 2012, in the right column of this blog, which we hope you will enjoy.

Megan was asked to be a bridesmaid in a wedding to take place in Southern France in May. She saved her money and extended the trip to visit friends there, and in The Netherlands, Germany and Spain. From school here and in Italy, Spain and India, she has built a world wide network of friends offering free lodgings!

This year, our business was great. Nashville’s Real Estate market is vibrant with new development everywhere. Our son, Jon, completed the transition from his old job to Real Estate Affiliate Broker, and has already been doing some marketing for us. We’re expecting his technological knowledge and marketing background to contribute immediately to Team Kipp.

Sharon and I bought another distressed property and rehabilitated it. In times past, we did much of the work ourselves, but this time we decided to hire a contractor to do all the work. We learned a lot from this experience and we’re sharing the knowledge with our investor clients. We leased it quickly.. the rental market is very strong. This purchase was part of an overall retirement strategy… but we’re not ready to do that just yet, and may never want to. So don’t worry. We’re still around to handle your Real Estate needs.

My second term as commissioner on the Metro Nashville Property Standards Board expired. Shortly thereafter I was elected to our neighborhood Homeowners Association. Sharon organized her sixth annual team in the Susan Komen Race for the Cure; co-chaired the local American Cancer Society Relay for Life; became involved in the Nashville Greenways organization; and was re-elected to the Board of Directors for our local Chamber of Commerce. She was recognized and honored for her years of community service at the 2012 Star Spangled Salute. She also made a television commercial for the Volunteers of America (www.VOATN.org). I think it is still running.

Our three grandsons are getting to be more and more fun. Jonathon is now twelve and is a wonderful big brother to the four year old twins, Jackson and Joshua. The twins are very different in mood and interests. Jackson can name the make of most cars on the street… no one really taught him (the power of advertising?) Joshua is musical.

Several people told us that their Christmas cards to us were returned this year. We did move four years ago. Let us know if you need our home address and please let us know if any of your contact information has changed.

In closing, we hope you will try to stay in touch with us in 2013. Until then,

Happy New Year

David & Sharon Kipp

For all your real estate needs – http://www.TeamKipp.com
email or call David@TeamKipp.com / 615.400.0661 mobile
email or call Sharon@TeamKipp.com / 615.364.2337 mobile

new office: 278 Franklin Rd, Suite 190, Brentwood, TN 37027 (effective 1/1/2013)

Photo Highlights of 2012 @ http://www.GreetingsFromNashville.com
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Happy New Year From The Kipps

2011 turned out to be a pretty good year for us, and a vast improvement over 2010.  The best thing that happened was our daughter-in-law, Christy’s, recovery from colon cancer. Originally diagnosed as colon cancer, stage IV, in the spring of 2010, after 2 surgeries and 12 chemotherapy treatments, she is in complete remission.  In January she will return to TeamKipp to broker real estate with Sharon and I.

Another big event was helping my mom transition to assisted living. We moved her from the home where she had been for 51 years. It went smoothly with lots of help from my sisters and Sharon.  We have the house for sale.  It’s not sadness, but there is a melancholy feeling to this process.  I guess it’s the realization that we, too, are approaching the autumn years of our lives.

Christy’s Cancer, and my mom’s move kept us from going on a big trip this year.  We went to Philadelphia twice to visit Megan.  After returning from India in January with her Yoga Teacher Credentials, she graduated with honors from Massage Therapy School in June. Sharon and I went to the commencement ceremony as proud parents.  We went another time just to look around and see the sites.  For a big city, it’s nice.  There are many historic sites…which I enjoy, and lots of ethnic neighborhoods with good street side markets and food…which we all like!

In the fall, Sharon sponsored a team that walked in the Susan Komen Race for the Cure.  Her team made boob hats to wear during the walk; drawing lots of attention to a good cause, and made a generous donation in the process.

Jon, Christy, and their 3 sons joined us at Pickett State Park in October. Our dinner club friends came, too. We had a wonderful long weekend hiking, canoeing, cooking, and exploring. Our campfire was probably visible from the moon. We’re already booked for the same weekend next year, and have added a few new invitees.

In December, Sharon was named “Business Woman of the Year” by the Donelson-Hermitage Chamber of Commerce.  This is her second time to win the award.  She also won it in 1994.  We are all proud of her.  She also turned 60 this year. To celebrate, she wanted to go on a big adventure so we’re going to Peru in the spring. In addition to the enigmatic Machu Picchu, other stops include Lima, Cusco, Lake Titicaca, and the Sacred Valley of the Urubamba River.

Our Real Estate business experienced an up tic in 2011. That was refreshing.  After the sudden downturn in 2007 many people went to the sidelines hoping things would bounce back just as quickly.  Everybody knows now that didn’t happen…so it seems like everyone has decided to get on with their plans. Please call us if we can help you or your friends buy or sell a house in 2012.

In closing, I’d ask you to keep in touch with us in 2012.  Also please let us know if your email address or phone number has changed.  We’re easily reachable:

David@TeamKipp.com ~ 615.400.0661 mobile

Sharon@TeamKipp.com ~ 615.364.2337 mobile




Your resource for Real Estate Information: http://www.TeamKipp.com

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Until next year, please keep yourself fit, and we’ll see you in 2012!


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2010 Holiday Greetings from The Kipps!

What a roller coaster year! Lots of good things happened, but some bad stuff, too.

Jan: With the economy on life support, Sharon and I decided to take a vacation (how could we lose business by being away, when there wasn’t much business going on to lose?).

Feb: We chose to go to Thailand and Cambodia, with the ultimate destination being the temple complex at Angkor Wat, deep in the northern jungle of Cambodia. The trip was surreal, exotic, and tropical, yet we returned exhausted from the flights and the passage thru 13 time zones. Did I mention it was hot?

While we were away, our friend, Vance, age 51, died of undiagnosed cancer. Sharon and I first met at Vance’s birthday party in 1982. Christy, our Daughter-in-Law and TEAMKIPP member, was hospitalized for 5 days with serious symptoms. They released her in stable condition, but without a diagnosis. “Maybe it’s diverticulitis?” Yeah — right.

Mar: Business picked up quite a bit in the spring with first time buyers jumping into the market to get the tax credits from the stimulus package. Christy stayed sick all spring, seeking a diagnosis. Sharon, Megan, Christy’s Mom and Sharon’s Mom really helped out at home with Jonathon and the twins. Sharon and I covered her business.

Apr: After returning from Thailand, Sharon and I decided to put more emphasis on exercise in our daily lives. We started training and both walked the Music City Marathon on April 24th, doing half, or, 13.1 miles. We have both lost 15+ pounds and we both look and feel better. Sharon got sponsors and ended up raising over $2,000 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. It was a little comical.. At mile 9 it started sprinkling. By mile 10, it was pouring with lightening and thunder, and by mile 11, police were telling participants that if they continue, they were doing so “at their own risk.” We finished.. soaking wet… in 3 hours and 24 minutes, then took a cab back to our car!

After the race, Sharon was so exhilarated that she walked another 1/2 marathon in Sept, and several 5K’s including her 5th Susan Komen Race for the Cure. Her team had the best costumes!!! Boob Heads!!!

Christy got worse. She was re-admitted to the hospital where she was diagnosed with colon cancer, stage IV.   We are all rallying around her and she’s tough.

May: Nashville flooded.. the same day Christy came home from the hospital. Our family had little loss, but lots of our friends were hit pretty hard. Nashville is still recovering.

Jul: Jon bought a new pontoon boat and gave me a key! All summer we spent lots of time on the boat and at the pool. I taught Jonathon how to dive and the twins loved the baby pool and the lake. I found out my left foot was broken, probably since Thailand.

Aug: Jonathon turned 10. He started middle school this fall. He continues golf lessons and basketball, although video games are his favorite activity.

Oct: During the year, both of our children, Jon and Megan, became disillusioned with their jobs. Jon restructured his so he could work from home, where he is needed to help care for Christy and the kids. Megan quit and moved to Philadelphia, where her boyfriend, Matt lives. She’s now in Goa, India, where she is studying to become a Yoga Master.

The twins turned 2….any questions?

We visited Memphis for a weekend of wedding festivities, and Cloudland Canyon State park in North GA for a couple of days of cabin and mountains. Our niece, Amye, and cousin Rebecca drove up from Alabama for their first “girls trip” to Nashville.

Nov: We had our traditional family Thanksgiving feast and enjoyed a visit from Sharon’s Dad and nephew.

Dec: We look forward to hearing about your 2010. Keep in touch and buy some houses from us! Sharon and I hope to buy at least 1 more in 2011.

In an effort to put this year in perspective, we’ve realized how well things have gone for us in life.  Oddly enough, it’s adversity that reminds us how little control we have over all the things that we value.  Christy’s diagnosis was a wake-up call, just like it was when we found out I had cancer 12 years ago.  It reminds us once again to be thankful for the millions of things that have accidentally gone right.

We’re ready to bid farewell to 2010.  Look out 2011….. HERE WE COME!

David & Sharon Kipp

keep up with us during the year:

Photos of Thailand, Cambodia & Grandchildren                            @ http://gallery.me…/sharonkipp/100238

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Happy New Year 2010

Compared to most years, 2009 was a quiet year for us.  We didn’t travel as much as us usual.  Instead, we spent time settling into our new home (since 08/02/08) and surroundings.  We bought some furniture, installed a grill, planted flowers, shrubs, trimmed trees, and generally put our stamp on the place.

Sharon went to Alabama for a few days in April to throw an 80th birthday party for her Dad, which was a huge success.  Jon and family, Megan and I went for the big day also.

We visited Seattle and British Columbia in May to see the stunning Butchart Gardens and to stay at the famous Fairmont Empress Hotel on Victoria Island.

The “Relay For Life” (annual cancer fundraiser) was in June.  I helped again this  year.   Later that month we went to Roan Mountain, Tennessee, to see the worlds largest Rhododendron garden and festival.  We missed the peak of the blossoms, but not by much.  The Roan Mountain State Park has cool rustic cabins and is fairly near Jamestown, Tennessee’s oldest city.  It was our first time to see both.

Spending time at the neighborhood pool and with our grandchildren took up most of our spare time this summer.  Jonathon turned 9 in August and Jackson & Joshua were 1 in October.

The Cash for Clunkers deal was too good to pass up, so Sharon bought a Nissan Versa hatchback.  It’s the first NEW car we’ve purchased since we’ve been married!

Thankfully, we can say that both Sharon’s parents and my Mom are still healthy and active.  They each came here for Thanksgiving under their own steam.  You would never guess their ages:)

Sharon again sponsored a team in the Susan Komen Race for the Cure this fall.  She also helped a little with Second Harvest Food Bank and we both helped build a Habitat house.  I was re-confirmed as Commissioner of the Property Standards Board in front of the Metro Council.  Sharon also added 2 Real Estate designations to her list this year…. GREEN REALTOR® and SFR (Short Sale and Foreclosure Resource).  And, at http://www.TeamKipp.com you will now find links to foreclosure and short sale properties.

There have been some great real estate deals out there this year.  Jon & Christy bought 2 more rental properties.   My Mom sold her last rental house.   Megan is house shopping now, hoping to buy before April to get the $8,000 first time homebuyers tax credit.

We wish you a happy 2010.  Please call or send an email if you want to catch us up on what you and your family are doing.  We’d love to hear from you.  Also…. please all or email us if you have a friend or relative we could help with their real estate needs.
To keep up with us, you can always read our blog and see our latest photos at http://www.GreetingsFromNashville.com or check out our websites at www.TeamKipp.com and www.DavidandSharonKipp.com or follow us at www.Twitter.com/TeamKipp.  So, until we meet again,

Best Wishes from the Kipps

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