Happy New Year 2015

It seems like we just sent our last annual Holiday letter, but alas it’s that time again (tempus fugit).  Hopefully you and yours had a great year like us.

2014 was busy for us.  The Nashville Real Estate market remained hot all year.  As it turned out, it has been a great time to integrate Jon & Christy into our team.  We also bought another house in Donelson to rehabilitate and rent.

We didn’t travel at our normal pace this year.  We went to FL for a 3 day getaway in February.  We attended 2 weddings.  One in Dallas, one in Memphis, where we got a chance to visit vintage friends, watch the formation of the next generation,  and relax a little.  We stayed a few extra days in Dallas to look around.  We both both wanted to see Dealy Plaza (site of JFK assassination). It was a little eerie sitting there on the “grassy knoll” where Zapruder was standing as he filmed the tragedy.

We did take a couple of weeks in the fall to visit the Pacific Northwest coast, Mt. Rainier National Park and the Willamette Valley.  Both Oregon and Washington State are beautiful and pristine.  We hiked quite a bit, which was the swan song for my left knee.

We had no major health issues this year.  Our parents are fine.  Sharon opted out of a foot surgery and I opted in to a knee replacement (1/6/15). Christy is still in remission and I was permanently released by my oncologist.  I’ve been lucky….it feels good to be on the big end of the stick.

Our daughter, Megan, went to Sri Lanka for May & June to further her study of Yoga.  In the fall she opened a studio and moved her residence to the Vanderbilt/West End area of downtown Nashville.   She also taught an international yoga workshop in Nicaragua that Sharon attended for a week.

Everything is good with Jon and his family.  Jon ran a half marathon.  Christy serves on several Boards, including the PTO at the twins’ school.  Jonathon & Sharon did the Color Run together. The twins started kindergarten; Jonathon started High School!  He can get his “learners permit” to drive in August, 2015.  WOW!

Sharon has remained active in the community serving on several boards and becoming more active with her involvement with GreenwaysforNashville.  She appeared on the front page of the Real Estate Section of the Nashville Tennessean for her expertise in local vacation rental homes, and led her team in their 7th annual breast cancer walk.

Now, it’s your turn.  Give us a call or email and let us know how you’re doing.  Until, then.. We wish you and yours a Prosperous and Happy New Year!


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