Good Tidings & Holiday Greetings

 December 2013

As 2013 comes to a close, Sharon and I would like to share with you our highlights and sorrows of the past year.

The first half of the year was nothing special.  We visited our daughter, Megan, in Philadelphia and vacationed in Florida a little.  The twins (age 5 now) played soccer and Jonathon played basketball in a league.  The Real Estate market was healthy, and all of us teamkippers (David, Sharon, Christy & Jon) stayed busy.

Concurrently, several close friends OUR AGE or younger experienced serious health problems such as stroke, heart attack, cancer (been there) and organ failure.  Frankly, it was as if a dark cloud hung over most of the year. We attended a record number of funerals.  Sharon lost a favorite Aunt.  Fortunately, Sharon and I both feel good and are living sustainable lifestyles.  She lost 20 lbs this year without dieting.  I lost 10.  Jon has reached his “desert storm” weight.  Megan’s whole focus is fitness and health.

The second half of the year was more exciting.  We spent time with the grandchildren at the pool and on the boat. Jonathon became a teenager. The twins started pre-kindergarten.  Sharon and I celebrated our 30th Wedding Anniversary with a new adventure.  We took a cruise on the North and Baltic Seas from London to St. Petersburg, Russia, stoping briefly in 10 countries on the way.  We stayed several days in St. Petersburg, which was probably the highlight of the trip, but we both found Riga, the capital of Latvia, very cool also.  The whole city center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, preserved for its Art Nouveau Architecture.

In the fall, Megan moved back to Nashville.  We rehabbed a house in Donelson where she could live and have a Yoga / Massage Studio ( .   This was a real “deja vu”, having also done this when she returned from Spain in 2009.  It kept us extra busy for several months, but now we’re done and feel like we really accomplished something.

Some friends joined us in October for our annual mountain/cabin adventure.  We always look forward to this autumn get away to relax, enjoy nature and friends.

Sharon took on more community service this year, adding The Neighborhood & Community Engagement Committee, as founding Chairperson, and was appointed to the newly formed Retrofitting Suburbia Task Force (a joint effort between GNAR, Metro Planning Commission, University of TN & GA Institute of Technology).

As always, we remain thankful for your friendship and continued support.  For next year, we wish all of you good health, prosperity, and plenty of leisure time to enjoy life.  Please keep in touch. ~ A Family Tradition in Real Estate

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