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2009 Photo Highlights Below:


1 Response to Photo Highlights

  1. Lindy Gupton says:

    Hi Sharon. Been meaning to email you forever. Gary and I used to always read your newsletters then missed them for awhile. I see you’ve snuck in 2 more granchild since I’ve checked in. Your family is beautiful. So glad to see the pics of your mother, as pretty as ever. Gary and I are in Greenbrier in a small little neighborhood, with hopes of beginning a home at Center Hill. We have two sons Kelly, 33 and Matt 29. Kelly has two children, both boys, 5 and 2 and Matt still single and with us temporarily. Gary and I both semi-retired, me from the State, and working part-time at a senior center as activities coordinator. Gary helps Kelly with projects on his farm and owns/manages some commercial property. We love seeing where you all go during the year, I guess because we never seem to leave home …ha. But we are taking grandkids to circus Saturday and looking forward to that. Our new address is 1032 W. Stone Creek Trail, Greenbrier, TN 37073. Happy New Year. Love, Lindy (P.S. Pass our old neighborhood several times a week as you can now cut through to Myatt Drive. So makes me remember the good ole days quite often).

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