2010 Holiday Greetings from The Kipps!

What a roller coaster year! Lots of good things happened, but some bad stuff, too.

Jan: With the economy on life support, Sharon and I decided to take a vacation (how could we lose business by being away, when there wasn’t much business going on to lose?).

Feb: We chose to go to Thailand and Cambodia, with the ultimate destination being the temple complex at Angkor Wat, deep in the northern jungle of Cambodia. The trip was surreal, exotic, and tropical, yet we returned exhausted from the flights and the passage thru 13 time zones. Did I mention it was hot?

While we were away, our friend, Vance, age 51, died of undiagnosed cancer. Sharon and I first met at Vance’s birthday party in 1982. Christy, our Daughter-in-Law and TEAMKIPP member, was hospitalized for 5 days with serious symptoms. They released her in stable condition, but without a diagnosis. “Maybe it’s diverticulitis?” Yeah — right.

Mar: Business picked up quite a bit in the spring with first time buyers jumping into the market to get the tax credits from the stimulus package. Christy stayed sick all spring, seeking a diagnosis. Sharon, Megan, Christy’s Mom and Sharon’s Mom really helped out at home with Jonathon and the twins. Sharon and I covered her business.

Apr: After returning from Thailand, Sharon and I decided to put more emphasis on exercise in our daily lives. We started training and both walked the Music City Marathon on April 24th, doing half, or, 13.1 miles. We have both lost 15+ pounds and we both look and feel better. Sharon got sponsors and ended up raising over $2,000 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. It was a little comical.. At mile 9 it started sprinkling. By mile 10, it was pouring with lightening and thunder, and by mile 11, police were telling participants that if they continue, they were doing so “at their own risk.” We finished.. soaking wet… in 3 hours and 24 minutes, then took a cab back to our car!

After the race, Sharon was so exhilarated that she walked another 1/2 marathon in Sept, and several 5K’s including her 5th Susan Komen Race for the Cure. Her team had the best costumes!!! Boob Heads!!!

Christy got worse. She was re-admitted to the hospital where she was diagnosed with colon cancer, stage IV.   We are all rallying around her and she’s tough.

May: Nashville flooded.. the same day Christy came home from the hospital. Our family had little loss, but lots of our friends were hit pretty hard. Nashville is still recovering.

Jul: Jon bought a new pontoon boat and gave me a key! All summer we spent lots of time on the boat and at the pool. I taught Jonathon how to dive and the twins loved the baby pool and the lake. I found out my left foot was broken, probably since Thailand.

Aug: Jonathon turned 10. He started middle school this fall. He continues golf lessons and basketball, although video games are his favorite activity.

Oct: During the year, both of our children, Jon and Megan, became disillusioned with their jobs. Jon restructured his so he could work from home, where he is needed to help care for Christy and the kids. Megan quit and moved to Philadelphia, where her boyfriend, Matt lives. She’s now in Goa, India, where she is studying to become a Yoga Master.

The twins turned 2….any questions?

We visited Memphis for a weekend of wedding festivities, and Cloudland Canyon State park in North GA for a couple of days of cabin and mountains. Our niece, Amye, and cousin Rebecca drove up from Alabama for their first “girls trip” to Nashville.

Nov: We had our traditional family Thanksgiving feast and enjoyed a visit from Sharon’s Dad and nephew.

Dec: We look forward to hearing about your 2010. Keep in touch and buy some houses from us! Sharon and I hope to buy at least 1 more in 2011.

In an effort to put this year in perspective, we’ve realized how well things have gone for us in life.  Oddly enough, it’s adversity that reminds us how little control we have over all the things that we value.  Christy’s diagnosis was a wake-up call, just like it was when we found out I had cancer 12 years ago.  It reminds us once again to be thankful for the millions of things that have accidentally gone right.

We’re ready to bid farewell to 2010.  Look out 2011….. HERE WE COME!

David & Sharon Kipp

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1 Response to 2010 Holiday Greetings from The Kipps!

  1. Bonita Lollar says:

    It was great reading your 2010 review letter of happenings in your family. I know you have had some good times and bad. I do hope Christy is doing better. Enjoy those grandchildren…they have a way of making everything thing all right for a while, don’t they? I wish for all of you a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

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